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Text for Page 024 [09-09-1849]

              he anticipated having to come back again.	At about 1/2 past 9
or so Joe and I went over. The �Philadelphia� gone � another
vessel in its place.	/	Well � George is gone
and I�m sorry for it! I shall be some ten times lonelyer. For
as to Joe his good-feeling don�t make amends for his solemn pomposity
and dogmatic commonplace. [words crossed out]
[sentence crossed out] 		Of George,
somehow I do fear there�s an under-current of Boltonian-selfishness in
him, but he strives well, loves books, and has nine-tenths good
about him. I had thought that the illness of Conworth�s sister might 
have been an inducement for return, but �it appears� (as Joe would say)
that �tis not Sarah but her younger sister; � therefore George�s in-
difference as to the news he gave me a bit back, is accounted for. / I�m
not disinclined to think, as George himself thinks, � that he�ll be
back again � though not under some years time.	Meantime � 
�The World�s mine Oyster!�
/  After a walk and lounge on the Battery, back to Jersey.
Evening, the boys ran in for a visit, and accompanied us to the
Ferry.	    A stroll up Chatham Street &c.	Broadway.
Entered the Mechanic�s Hall and heard the latter part of a sermon.
A Baptist preacher, and the man in earnest in what he said.               
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