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Text for Page 047 [02-12-1851]

              12. Wednesday.  To Park Place and saw Master Fred, sitting all alone, fumi-
gating and reading Copperfield. His father still at Washington. To Genins
and got paid $12.  A call at the Era Office, another at Spottiswoode�s, and
unsuccessful as to the home sent parcel, then to the post Office, then to the
Office of Holdens Mag whereat I had a pleasant chat with Fowler; anon to Bob-
bett and Edmonds, (in whose employ I found Baudoin, who gave me his address
[word crossed out] and invite to call on him.)     Returning to Canal met Mr Greatbatch
by the way.
  13. Thursday.  Charley announcing that he is engaged to work on the en-
graving for a certain projected newspaper at Boston, at $10 per week, and
resolveth to start on the morrow, I postpone my intent to West Chester.  A 
drawing on mahogany to do, for Roberts, Charleys boss. At it all the after
noon and evening.  Charley out late at his lady-love�s. Cross with us, namely
I and Alf Waud pretty nigh all day.  He rather sick, so we coddle him.
A [word crossed out], quaint, social Yankee is he.   Hall the elder off for Genesee
this day.  Joe Greatbatch called in the evening, and I had a walk with him.
  14. Friday. To Roberts with the sketch for drawing. He not arrived.
So after half an hours reading at �the O�Donoughue� walked to the Era Office.
Talk with Picton and his co-mates, and from him got a check for the $13
owing me.  Returned to Chamber Street and found that Roberts had not done the
like, so walked up Centre, back, cashed check, purchased some cigars for
Charley,x and to dinner.    After, through a dull rain with him to Roberts. Saw
the man, got mahogany block, talked half an hour and returned. Charley having
postponed his departure to the morrow, we have a last social evening together.
Sad enough was I to think of his going; � �tis only when end comes that
we duly value those about us.  An end to our pleasant book talks, and
little mental set-to�s and badinage now.   Well, all good thoughts go
with him. To bed by eleven, but what with heat of fire and busy
				x Ass for doing it. June. 1851.               
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