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Text for Page 189 [12-25-1859]

of a large number of delinquents from
justice, Gun says twenty or more.    He re-
ports also that Ledger has that number of men
under his control as satellites and spies; repre-
sents him indeed as an important person generally.
The name is fictitious, of course, and Gun hints
at mystery with respect to the �revolving eye.�  He
accompanied Ledger on a thief-catching expedition
to Elizabethtown, some five or six weeks back.
They went to a ball where Ledger �stood� drinks
to everybody, got his destined victim playing billiards,
made him drunk and carried him off to New
York by rail, returning to fetch Gun whom he had
left in a drunken sleep.        Gun had the curiosity
to attend the departure of next day�s steamer
for England, when he saw the �fellow� go
aboard, Ledger having effectually convinced him
tht he had no other alternative.         In order to
obtain intelligence of another offender, I think a
forger, Ledger went to a boarding-house where
the man�s mistress lived, got intimate with her,
took her out for an excursion to Greenwood, got
all the information he needed � and something that
was not information.    A very quiet, undemonstra-
tive man, this Ledger, but gets drunk occasion-
ally, and is then pugilistic.    He wanted to fight
George Arnold one night, at Howell�s, Bob Gun
and young Frank Wood being present.         / Re-               
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