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Text for Page 190 [12-25-1859]

turned home to dinner.  Mc Culloch the
Pic foreman up.   Cahill hadn�t been down to the
office &c.          Neither did he or �Daisy� as they
affectedly call Shepherd, return till 6, when
I found Cahill drunk at the supper table,
talking inebriety.   From him I gathered a confused 
account of their going round to Arnold�s, of Shep-
herd�s being indignant at Arnold having dined, in-
stead of waiting to accept his invitation of dining
at Florence�s, of a sort of fight between Shepherd
and Cahill, involving the squeezing of the latter�s
throat �until he gurgled� and much more.     Left
Cahill, Billington, Mac Culloch and Gun in the
latters� room, all but the second more or less af-
fected by liquor and went off to Chapin�s.  Sup-
posed I should have the pew to myself, but pre-
sently in came Jack, Sally and � Nast.       A
grand sermon.   To the house with them.  Haney,
Knudsen, Honeywell, two silent Pillows there and
the family, as also Miss Anne Edwards, retur-
ned from Virginia.    Talk with her, with Matty,
bit of a spar with Sally, with Haney, with Mr and 
Mrs E and went away through the cold, windy,
dull Christmas night loving the whole family, think-
ing of home, of Chacombe, of Hannah.      Rest
there heart! with blessed peace but much of longing.
  Gun�s room was empty when I got back, so to
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