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Text for Page 195 [12-26-1859]

we all drank Haney�s health a second time,
with six cheers and a tiger.     Speeches.    Fanny,
Mrs T. and co disappear up stairs, nor are seen
subsequently.    Girls, Ed. Wells, Honeywell &
the weaklings go up stairs, Parton, Haney, Mor-
ris, Knudsen (whom I�ve omitted to mention before)
Papa Edwards, George Edwards Hayes, Nichols and
myself remaining to take a capital cigar.    Jim
was very happy and talked so.      A delicious
half-hour.      I had to sing
  �Back and side go bare, go bare!�
to a rousing chorus, when repeated summonses
brought us up stairs, entering the room singing
  �Here�s a health to all good lasses!�
Performance of �God save the Queen!� by the
whole strength of the company, Eliza and I lea-
ding.      Subsequently �Hail Columbia!� but the
Americans weren�t up in the words of their an-
them like the Britishers.       More dancing, quad-
rilling, lancing, Virginia reeling, schottischeing.
Left, with Morris at abut 2 1/2, a mild, dark
night, with the wind sharp at corners.    Found
a party just breaking up at our house, dancing
&c.                Now God bless all that Edwards
family, I pray!       I have a sort of fear that
this will be the culmination of our Christmas
doings, that some sad events may arise before
we see another, to prevent the same circle ever               
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