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Text for Page 196 [12-26-1859]

meeting again as happily.
  I thought of home, of Hannah and Cha-
combe more than once this day.    It has been
a very happy one with me, the happiest I ever
spent in this country, perhaps in my life.
  27.  Tuesday.  Don�t recollect details. Pro-
bably something of a loafing day, the evening
spent in writing.   Bob Gun and Cahill at cards
and whiskey during the afternoon, the whiskey
predominant all the evening.    I didn�t put down
their sequel in Sunday night.   Gun and Mc
Culloch took Cahill with them to the Pic Office, in
the expectation, the former asserts, that the night air
might sober him.         Perhaps with that same object
they allowed him to carry with him a full bottle
of whiskey.     At the office they hunted up a strange
compositor and set him to work on something of
immediate necessity.   The night being exceedingly cold
Gun and Mac Culloch went out to endeavor to
procure wood for a fire.   When they returned they
found both Cahill and the compositor hopelessly
drunk, the bottle emptied or partially upset on the
table, wood-cuts, papers and miscellanous articles
deluged with spirits or water and everything in the
absurdist confusion.      That compositor may have
done two cents worth of work that evening.
  28.  Wednesday.  To the Courier Office.
Haney, Smith, English and Briggs there.  Talk               
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