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Text for Page 197 [12-28-1859]

about doing our Christmas revels for the
�Looker-On.�     To Century Office &c.   Up in
Haney�s Nic-nax Office found papa Edwards.
He looked very old and shaky, complained of
being feeble, said he would sit awhile and
rest himself.      To Duncan & Sherman�s bank
and saw Ed. Wells, who is employed there.  Got a
note from him to Mrs Thomson, anent M. S. Pan-
tomime, took cars and up to 21st street, near
the 3rd Avenue.      Sent up letter and got article.
Extremely cold, returned through a glorious snow
storm.       Scribbling during the afternoon.     Two
girls in my room in the evening, Miss Trainque
(I spelt her name wrongly before) and little Miss
Maguire.    They were cold in the adjoining room,
stove ineffective, and sat plying their needles for
an hour or two beside mine.     Honest girls enough;
the former buxom and cheery, no harm in her.
Works at some book-binding factory all day, hard
enough, keeps in good spirits withal, is sensible,
ignorant, fond of fun and, I should say, indus-
trious.      More so perhaps than little Maguire,
who I think would have been very willing to
have fallen in love with Morris, some weeks ago,
as at present.      She doesn�t understand and
resents our chaffing him, and thinks he is �so
good.�  Poor little girl! no doubt being Mrs
M. would seem a very enviable prospect.  Like               
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