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Text for Page 198 [12-28-1859]

nearly all women she aspires to something
beyond her own intellect in a husband and has
sense enough to notice his superiority over the �clerks�
in stores and the like forming the staple of
young men in boarding-houses.    Marry! Morris
� like most of us! � would like the homage well
enough but for the rest, he�d never think of such
a thing.      Little girl would like to be rich, then
�she�d be perfectly happy and do nothing!� Isn�t
over industrious and sews on shirt-buttons negli-
gently.         We are very good friends together, though
she never knows whether I�m serious or making
fun of her.
  29.  Thursday.   Writing, hard.    Snow out
o�doors, falling fast at night, everything look-
ing very wintry.    Out for an hour in the evening.
A group around the stove in our bat parlor,
late Miss Clarke�s room, smoking and sipping
whiskey and water.     Bob Gun hasn�t stir-
red out during the two last days, has suffer-
ed a good deal from recent excesses.      One
night he aroused Cahill, abed, with the infor-
mation that he had a touch of Delirium Tre-
mens, seeing snakes round his legs &c.    He
has been doctoring himself, is keeping quiet now.
  30.  Friday.   Down town, to Courier Office
& Pic at 1.       In doors the rest of the day and
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