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Text for Page 199 [12-31-1859]

  31.  Saturday.  Out in the after-
noon, to P. O. and to Courier Office.  Gay-
ler, red-faced, piped and felt-hatted, talking
to Briggs, saying he�d just received $10 for a
contribution to �Vanity Fair� and soaping that
concern generally.      Up town, a chill, dull night,
human throng setting up-townwards as usual at the
hour.           Drawing Pic big cut after supper.
Haney, one of the Pillows and Jack Edwards up,
Morris, Cahill and Billington.      Sat and talked
and smoked and thus saw the old year die,
not very cheerily.   Haney reports not too fa
vorably of the prospects of the �Irving.�

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