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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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�Twas ere we had Welles, with song, dance
	or poem;
�Twas ere we had Morris, with music or 
Long ago ere we�d a poet, an actor, a wag or a
Serrell who�d bridge for us a rolling Niagara.
Ere Knudsen the thoughtful, good-humored and
Showed his taste for discussion, his genius for
�Twas ere that young artist of high and rare
Whose surname is Nast and prenomen Thomas,
Had come with his pencil to fill up the spaces
On the walls of this room with three charming
   Welles (the second time I�ve spelt his name
right) dances very funnily, got up in ballet cos-
tume; sings only in an extraordinary falsetto, ac-
companying himself on the piano.
   Plays on the piano in a manner rather delightful
to himself than others.  Effect mournful, productive
of despondency.            Serrell engineered a bridge over
the Niagara river.               Bearded, amiable, self-
complacent.          The three girls, as afore chro-
nicled.  Nast succeeded best on Sally, worst on Eliza.               
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