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Text for Page 204

Ere he�d burlesqued our phizzes or pictured
	our travels,
Ere he�d sang like Amodio or rivaled the
Ere Fanny had taken among us her place
Ere Nellie we�d seen or we�d e�er had a Grace;
Ere with Williston�s help we�d corrected our time�,
Ere his kind-hearted partner taught him in their
Young men the fair maidens should choose whom
	they�d marry, 
And how they would rue it if single they�d tarry
Ere Miss Bonestel we knew, Miss Behm or
	Miss Brown, 
Three B�s we may call them � nay ladies,
	don�t frown;
  x Nast illustrated Welles� poem about our fourth
of July pic-nic.   His singing don�t amount to much.
    Lines inserted subsequent to the rest, that she
and party mightn�t feel as if invidiously omitted.
    I think he is a clockmaker.
   A topic on which she is generally eloquent, says
   A very pretty girl, a school-friend of Eliza�s.
As they sat beside each other on the sofa during the
reading this poem, I thought theirs were the most intelli-
	gent girls� faces in the party.               
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