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Ere of Harry x or Ralph x or Mary �twas
But of two slender twigs only Katie x and Ned x
	With the Edwards boughs they�d mingle:
Ere a springling of grey, old Time among
Our George�s locks had quietly fling,
And Jessie to Harriet still timidly cling,
And Georgie and Nellie were rather young,
With guest to be counted or e�en to be sung
	In this Christmas rhyming jingle:
Ere Anne had gone to teach the Virginians,
To watch their young morals and mould their
  x The Nichols� family.
   George Edwards, Mr E�s second son by his
first marriage.   His elder brother the first born,
resident in California, married the present Mrs
Edwards� sister, thus, father and son wedding
sisters.    I�ve never seen this brother, though his
wife�s name and that of her children occurs in
my diarizing of two or three years ago.     Mrs
Edwards as governess in her present husband�s
former family.        George and his wife� Harriet�s
children.           Miss Anne, the only daughter
from the first family now on this side of the At-
lantic.    Jim Parton was once in love with her and she
refused him.  Now she dislikes him and detests Fanny.               
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