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Text for Page 209

Well, fame you have right honestly won,
And noble tasks right bravely done,
The world denies that need to none
	With skill like yours, and ends;
But a claim you have to a place in my heart
Higher than learning, deeper than art,
Better than wit or grace can impart,
	Thou loyalist of friends! 
�Twas then our Jack whose tenderest grasp
Now brings the tears and makes those gasp, 
	Was Marryat-mad and eleven:
And Sally, now calm and grace and serene,
All the woman in thought and the woman in
Was dreaming at nine of fate at sixteen;
Which Mat, in whose blooming face, I ween
The past�s rosy promise fulfilled is seen
	Was a puritan pink of seven
   Haney delivered this with immense enthusiasm
and effect, stretching out his palm towards Jim
and speaking with emphasis.      I wonder whether
Fanny, who has tried her best and worst to kill this
friendship, didn�t hate both for the moment.
   One of Jack Edward�s habits.
   They called her �the puritan� she was �such a sober
 Sally had a curious fancy that she would die at sixteen.     little thing.�               
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