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Text for Page 215 [01-06-1860]

              [letter to Gunn]
			New York Jany 6, 1860
     Thomas Butler Gunn Esq.
	The undersigned participators in the
Christmas festivity at 745 Broadway wish in
this manner to assure you of their great
gratification with the printed report of their
merry making from your hand in the Sunday
Courier for New Years� day last.  Conceived in
a most excellent spirit and executed with
great delicacy and felicity both of thought
and expression it gave unqualified pleasure to
the entire circle by each of whom the article will
be preserved and cherished not only as a
souvenir of a most happy event but as no
inconsiderable part of the event
	And they further assure you that valued
as is your report for its own merits, it is no less
esteemed for the hand from which it came.
	Geo. Edwards		Jack Edwards
	S Edwards		Sallie   �
	   ������		Mattie  �
	A S Edwards		Eliza  �               
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