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              [newspaper clipping: first column
	GEORGE SANuDERS. [strikethrough of 'u' by Gunn]
  George Saunders is a politician by trade, and a
Red Republican by religion.  He once owned the
�Democratic Review,� which was a highly
amusing journal, edited by wild Irishmen.  This
magazine was of the hibernating order, disappear-
ing for long periods, but coming out again at
times of political excitement.  By the aid of this
journal, George succeeed in getting the Consul-
ship to London from Pierce, when he immedi-

[newspaper clipping: second column]
ately put up the shutters, and allowed the Demo-
cratic Review to die right out.  George is now
engaged in feeding and fattening some influen-
tial politicians, so as to have them ready for mar-
ket at the next Presidential election, when he
expects to be sent Minister to Paris.  George is
Red Republican, and goes in for blood and
massacre generally, and the axe and the block
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