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Text for Page 051 [02-18-1851]

              birth-place Canton, his kin wealthy, and his object in thus coming hither
to seek Hayden Hall, his former �boss�, principally to acquire a knowledge 
of the language.
  19. Wednesday.  Mr Hart called. (He and Dillon returned to New York
on Monday, on the evening of which they paid me a visit.)     Down town with
Hart, calling in at Holts, where they had established themselves in the room
whilome occupied by the Richardons.       I called at Andersons, then at
Genins. More work for the latter. Then a call at Liberty Street with
Mr Hart, whereat I left him.       Drawing the drilling machine during
the afternoon and evening.  Cross as usual playing his Accordion, Alf
Waud tailoring.   Cross waxing slightly bibulous, at 12, singeth at top of his
voice a certain self composed bit of magnificent nonsense, to the tune of the
�fine old English gentlemen.� Thus is was
			�Jerusalem my happy home, oh how I long to see
			The great Menad-gee-ree that went to Mil-wau-keeee
			And from there they went to Chicago to see what they could see-e
			And from there to Genesee, up the Niagaree
				With a fine ole___ __d  English Genttel-nean
					All of the oldest kind!�
  /  Had a letter from Hannah Bennett on Tuesday, brought to me by
Fred Greatbatch, it having been directed to Chamber Street.      I would not 
[words crossed out]  All good be with her, for her kind
thoughts of me, but I Can Not Cast again.  I must be Alone henceforth.
Sad is it to find more thought of me, and kind words and memories in
me who has ^|so| little of me, than ten long years of love can win in
Mary.      /       That was a happy time, that Chacombe one with
me.  A patch of sunlight on the past I love to think of.  Simple, good
happy hearts, there is no spot whereon the sun shines, whereon the heaven of               
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