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Text for Page 052 [02-19-1851]

              home is more perfect.        No, Hannah Bennett � think not of a poor
[word crossed out] melancholic fellow whose heart is grey, and whose power of loving is
well nigh worn out of him.   Love some one who can return it, and deserve
it. Be happy and God bless you. [words crossed out]
  20. Thursday.   Barth called in the morning.  Drawing all
day at the Drilling Machine.   Matagrabolized and self reproachful.
Cyder drinking and writing at night in company with Cross and Alf.  Mr
Hart with us for half an hour.
  21. Friday.  Writing, to my mother and to Boutcher. Rain sans
  22. Saturday.  Down town.  To Genin�s who telleth how that Nedwin
Forrest hath replied to his application for access to his library, like to the
individual spoken of in Joe Miller; that he will not lend the bellows
but that the applicant may come unto Fonthill Castle and blow away sans
limit, wherefore he, Genin designeth paying my expenses thereto.  Inti-
mated acquiescence.      Called at Wells and Webb for block, then to the
Era Office where I found Picton in his sanctum, on the desk before him
a huge bowie knife, the which he designated a �patent medicine for ma-
king�  �Short-boys� shorter.�  Got his portrait en daguerrotype, for transmission
to wood-block. Called at Park Place, and after little converse out with
Fred, Macnamara, and strange Paddylander accidentally present.  The day
being Washington�s birthday, crowds of militia thronging the park; � we
watch them defile out into Broadway.  Irish Brigades, Liberty guards,
Independence &c, Marion &c, Putnam &c, United Americans &c.  General 
expression visible on their countenances, an overwhelming anxiety to �keep
step�.  Good uniforms, bad uniforms, no uniforms.  Stupid little
temple with wax doll, helmeted, tow wig and balancing its head parally-
tically, � representing Liberty.  Fellows with pants rolled up and               
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