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Text for Page 054 [02-24-1851]

              am now, scoring up Diary, the wild wind howling outside. I think
I shall die on a windy night, it is in my mind linked with the idea
of death, I suppose owing to the circumstance of my grandfathers occurring
  25. Tuesday.  Down town, to Genins, to the Post Office, to the �Era�
Office, to Andersons, where I saw him; and to Roberts, leaving the block
for Engraving there. Got nothing for bill-poster picture.   Afternoon ^|till|
evening in doors.   The Halls returned from the country. A [banber?] full
of hats &c from Genin.  Evening, desirous of escaping from a game of whist
with Alf off for Brooklyn.   A call at a fellow workman of his, one who
had been a sailor and hath circumnavigated the globe, and now rejocieth in
the posession of a wife, an attic, a child and $4 the week.  Left there,
and wandering through [word crossed out] houseless streets, by open lots, with the 
night air and unmumbered stars above, found the abode of Steward Sanchez.
He and his good humoured English wife in a snug parlour, two small monkeys
in small box, well covered up, and a wedding going on up-stairs.  A cigar,
a glass of brandy-wasser, and tamarind-eating.  Converse nautical and of
emmigrants.  Steward Sanchez having been in the East India Company�s service
is loyal to England�s rule.   Left and return by 12.
  {26 Wednesday.     Drawing at Rolon�s portrait.  Reading �Ten Thousand a
  27. Thursday.}     Year� &c, and I recollect not what else, No letters
from Charley save one to the little woman requesting she�d permit him to
postpone payment of his debt till May, the which she justly refused. Mason
says Charley�ll write when he wants anything.        Meandering down
the Bowery on Thursday morning met Joe, and with him to German boot
maker opposite, where I ordered pair of boots.   Divers other miscellaneous
employments, now not thinkable of. Alf Waud here all the week.
  28. Friday.  at work on portrait of little Mrs Dob, also on a full               
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