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[Gunn�s handwriting]
  The above engraving represents a house on the
S.E. corner of Wooster and Bleecker Streets; the adjoining
one in the foreground, of which one only sees the a bit
of the basement-railing (where the gate was), being No the
old No. 132, where I lived so long.    It had a door-
way and massive iron ornaments on each side of the steps,
like its neighbour.   Both houses were had gone down in
the world, when I last saw them in 18712 ^|3|, but were the
only tenements which retained even a suggestion of their past
respectability.  Now they appertain to �the French Quarter
of New York.�  The cut is from an article, thus named, in
�Scribner�s Monthly� for November, 1879.               
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