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Text for Page 006 [01-01-1860]

		    January 1860.
  1.  Sunday.  In doors all day till the
evening, then to Chapins, then to Edwards�. Nast,
Haney and the Pillows present, besides the family.
�Looker-On� article seems to have pleased everybody.
Honeywell and Knudsen there.  With the latter and
Haney to 16th st.   In Haney�s room awhile with
Hayes and another.  Looked into Leslie�s on going
down-stairs and had a tod with him.
  2.  Monday.  Turned out about 1, in company
with Morris and made New Year�s calls.  To a
Mrs. Bartow�s in this street, where were Miss Maguire
and Miss Waite, with others.  Thence back to the
house.   The women in gorgeous array generally, much
�carrying on� and merriment.  Out again, Cahill
with us, to other houses.    Weather savagely wintry,
an ice-cold wind blowing down the streets, parties
of drunken, screaming youths, staggering hither and
thither.    To 12th street, I being desirous of visit-
ing Chapin (he invites his congregation generally,
and I�ve intended going for the last two or three
years) but he had just removed to 33rd street,
nor could we learn the number of the house.  Cahill
left for down-town, Morris to go to Fanny Fern�s,
I returned to Bleecker, making call at the house
opposite.    By 8 1/2 to Edwards�.  All the folks
at blind man�s buff in the back-parlor or work-               
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