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Text for Page 007 [01-02-1860]

                     Mutual Relations
shop; Jim Parton, Haney, Nast, Knudsen,
Honeywell, Wells, the Pillows, an Englishman named
Starr, George Edwards and the rest.  The girls
looking nice as usual; Matty adorned with presents
from unknown Caliornian brothers-in-law, as brace-
let or rings, with rose-red cheeks and smooth
brown hair, very good-humored and pretty.  Haney,
being blindfold, caught her twice.    I dropped a
word of comment on the incident to Sally, being
willing to ascertain whether she had observed
how things tend and whither.   She answered
decisively enough: �I don�t wonder, under the cir-
cumstances.  You remember what Doesticks said
on his lecture? �     It was an intimation, to me, 
direct, of Haney�s refusal by her.   I think Sally
showed lack of generosity and delicacy in the
remark, but I could not help reflecting on the
fact which it stated.   Haney, thoroughly despising
the coarseness of Mort�s advice, has unconsciously
taken the first steps towards adopting it.    There�s
no friendly feeling �twixt him and Sally, not yet,
I suspect, mutual confidence between the sisters.
No doubt it�s hard to be generous and considerate
when personal interests are at stake, yet
I could wish Haney were not so clear-sighted now
to Sally�s sharper qualities, that she were not so
shrewd in perceiving that whatever amount of real               
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