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Text for Page 009 [01-02-1860]

	       A Drunken Compositor.
  Supposed Grace and Mort were engaged.  Had
been to Mrs. Thomsons�, probably with Mort, or
Wells, before he came hither.              Dancing.
�Snapdragon,� down-stairs.      Left, with Morris
at 12.  Fire-alarm and rush of firemen along
Broadway side-walks.  More folks at home.  To
bed by 1.
  3.  Tuesday.  Down-town, to �Courier� Office.
Briggs there.  He was one of Fanny�s callers yester-
day and, as usual, affected the slightly-mysterious
about it.   To �Pic.� Office.  The foreman, Mc. Cul-
loch at the bottom of the stairs, drunk and mourn-
ful, insisting on taking my arm and squeezing
himself considerably, in the attempt to walk thus
along the narrow places.    Some months ago
the man offended me, and I had a bit of a 
dispute with him; since then, whenever he is ine-
briated, he always returns to the subject, repent-
ing, as it were, in dust-and-ashes.     Up-stairs,
Bob Gun, engravers, printers and confusion. It
appeared that Mc. C. had presented himself, in
the morning, too drunk to �lock up the form� of the
paper, all he did resulting in �pi-ing� matter.
Cahill remonstrating energetically, Mc. pitched into
him, and a violent scuffle ended in Cahill�s bolt-
ing down-stairs, leaving his hat behind him.
Gun anticipated the paper wouldn�t go to press               
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