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Text for Page 010 [01-03-1860]

	  More New Years� Inebriation.
that day, for, did he bring another compositor
to undertake the work, Mc. C. was incapable of,
that wretched Celt would inevitably assault the man.
He was now waiting in a penitent state to accom-
pany �Mr Gun� to some man he knew of.     Thus
I left them.    P. O.    Met Warne, once of Rochester,
now in the employ of Dick and Fitzgerald, the Aun
Street publishers.    Up-town, meeting Cahill in
Broadway.     In-doors the rest of the day.
  When we were at dinner on Sunday last, Corbin
called, sending repeated messages from Bob Gun�s
room to the effect that he wanted to see him im-
mediately.  By mistake of names I ascended, and
found the visitor idiotically-drunk, three rough-look
ing firemen seated in a row on the sofa, each with
cigars in their mouths.     Gun packed �em all off
pretty speedily and put the windows open to change
their atmosphere.
  4.  Wednesday.  Down-town through a mild
snow-storm, with Gun and Cahill, looking in at
Crosse�s burnt-up liquor-place by the way. (The
unlucky Scotchman�s place has been almost entirely
consumed, on New Year�s night.)  To �Pic.� And
�Courier� offices, then up-town.    Writing.  Billing-
ton comes up about 11, with the information
that Cahill and Bob Gun were both very drunk
at Crosse�s dismantled bar-room � a repeti-               
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