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Text for Page 011 [01-04-1860]

tion of yesternight�s doings, when they went
to assist the barman to keep watch, got inebria-
ted, all three of them, on promiscuous liquors,
invited in equally promiscuous company of the
other sex and brought home a pine-apple shaped
cheese, rendered too hard to be cut or eaten
by the action of the fire.       To return to to-night.
It was proposed that Morris and Billington
should go round for the purpose of �hooking� some
whiskey from a big puncheon which had escaped
the conflagration.   So they did it, though Gun
and Cahill were gone, Morris keeping watch,
and Billington fishing up the spirit by the aid
of a string, wine-glass and the bung-hole.   They
brought back a little over half a bottle full,
Morris being much afflicted with remorse at
the proceeding and vowing he�d pay Crosse, some
time or other.       He got chaffed considerably
about the affair.
  5.  Thursday.   Cahill & Bob Gun up-
stairs, loafing away the best part of the mor-
ning, would have out the stolen whiskey and
nearly finished it.      Down-town with Morris.
Writing the rest of the day.            The plague
of too much company upon me.
  6.  Friday.   Writing.  Down-town in the af-
ternoon, for a walk.        Out of sort, feverish,               
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