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Text for Page 055 [02-28-1851]

              length of me, both of which promise to prove excellent.  My sitting�s taken
in the loft above; forming a fine atelier, one window, dormer, and con-
sequently Rembrandtish effect.
  29. Saturday.  Walk miscellaneous,  and Picton�s portrait.  Down town
in the morning, calling on Roberts for the Drill picture which I had left in the 
earlier part of the week for engraving.  To Andersons where I found from
a paragraph in the Herald, placed in my hands by the �old man� that he
had obtained the Capitol premium.  Congratulations, explanation, declamation
and glorification thereon � he talked an hour consecutively.       /        A Sitting
to Alf in the afternoon.  Evening, at about 11, being with Alf, Cross and
Homer Hall playing whist, the fire bells tolling without prompt a peep at the
windows. A wide, angry red glare on the houses, so off we hurry.
Tramp, tramp.�Fire! fire!! F I R E! � � echoes through the still
night as on we go �a perfect streak.� Through a few bye streets north of Canal,
into Mercer, along that street we scamper. The glare redder, house blocks seem
with startling distantness, each brick visible.   We arrive at the corner of Houston
, it is Saint Thomas Church on fire, (a handsome stone edifice, the front in
Broadway.)  Flame pouring out along the roof, and gliding up one tower;
a crowd, though not a dense one, firemen hurrying out with piles of prayer 
books, M P�s joining staves to keep intruders back.  Many �masheenes�
there and no lack of stout fellows to work them.  Little Cross we had out
run, so the trio stand and gaze, and admire and wonder.  Then a run
around to Broadway, through a street adown which a whirlwind of smoke
and fire sparkles and water drops rushed.    Arrived in front we see the
conflagration in all its dreadful beauty.  For the great central perpendicular
style window, is all on fire, a raging mass of lurid light within and fiery
tongues of flame darting along transom and interstice.  A Tower all in flame,
and another just on fire, and spreading rapidly.   A tall house on the right               
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