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Text for Page 012 [01-06-1860]

	             Vanity Fairians.
matagrabolized, miserable.
  7.  Saturday.  Down-town to �Courier� Office.
Gayler looking burly, sulky and seedy; English,
Briggs.   Smith has been sick, away the whole
week.  To �Nic-nax� office, Haney there; the �Ir-
ving � don�t go very well.   P. O., then up-town.
One of the miserablest of days, atmospherically,
mentally and pecuniarily.     Drawing on wood
till 11 at night, Morris and Cahill present.
The former got $25 from �Vanity Fair� to-day,
for three contributions.   His are really the best
things that have appeared in the thing.  I�ve not
sent anything, inasmuch as I�m pretty sure that
the young squirt, Frank Wood, would enjoy the
opportunity of practically resenting my involuntary
castigations of him in the �Pic.�, when I pitched
into old Powell for his vilification of Dickens.
Also I know that the O�Brien and Clapp clique
would be sure to accord foul play; good and
sufficient reasons both.      Young Wood�s shallow-
ness has got him virtually superseded, though
he nominally retains the position of editor.  He
must have been very amusing in that capacity,
�slinging around � his French phrases, as Cahill
would say.     He did this to an extent provoking
Arnold and House to rebuking him with an
�Oh! yes!  Peanuts!� whenever it occurred,
in allusion to my joke on him in the �Pic.�               
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