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Text for Page 014 [01-08-1860]

	    Horace Greeley at Church.
sit at the sacred round table, but scowls at
his adversary from a side one.    Banks is one
of the most offensive of conceivable creatures when
drunk, he bawls at the top of his voice, talks
incessantly, is disputatious, contradictory or blatant
ly jovial.     He used to regret that Clapp was
under petticoat government to Ada, �for the sake
of the paper.�    Clapp�s aspirations towards her
are a joke among the fellows.               To 16th
St. and supped with Haney.    Bit of gossip with
Mrs. Potter and Leslie.   Latter is going to leave in a
week or so, presumable matrimony impending in the
spring.      Mrs. Theodore Griffin ex-Gouverneur is co-
ming to New York, because Miss Cooper intends a
visit and Mrs. G. won�t quit her.    Mrs Davis
nee Griffin � pretty Waity � has a baby.   Rawson
Gill loafing as usual, wasting his life, talking of
writing for Harper�s!!!        To the Edwards� with
Haney, subsequently to church with Jack, the
girls going respectively, Sally with Nast, Matty
with Honeywell, Eliza with Haney.      Knudsen
was at the house.        At Chapin�s.   Horace Greeley
came in, just after the text had been given out,
sat on a backward bench near us, and went fast
asleep for three-parts of the sermon, waking him-
self up by tumbling all together.     At the close
of the sermon he went lolloping out, after his man-               
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