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Text for Page 015 [01-06-1860]

	    Forbes and John Brown.
ner, with perhaps the sweetest and kindest
face of any there, that night.    At the house
till 11, saw Haney home subsequently.      Out
of sorts, unwell, miserable.
  7.  Monday.  Down-town, to �Phinny Phellow�
office, saw Frank Smith, to Gray�s, the prin-
ter�s, to �Courier� Office.   Smith there.     Met Wat
son, the ex-engraver.      Up-town, not well, dis-
pirited.       Oliver Hillard and a Mr. Worth
called in the evening.    Writing.
  {8.  Tuesday.       Non mi recordo as to particu-
  9.  Wednesday.       lars.   Mostly miserable days,
  10.  Thursday}       atmospherically, financially and
every way.    Scribbling &c.        Paterson came up
on Thursday evening, told me of Col. Forbes�
departure for Europe.    Forbes was impressed
with a belief that he was in great danger from his
pre-knowledge of the John Brown plot.    Paterson
remembers Brown as appearing on the �European�
office.     �A man with a remarkable head, high,
but narrow forehead� says he.       Forbes went in
a sailing vessel, taking a son of his with him.
Garibaldi invited him to Italy, months ago.   Whether
he�ll want him now is a question.      Anyway a
good riddance of an impracticable nuisance.
  11.  Friday.  Drawing &c.    With Morris to
Bellew�s present abode in the 12th street, in the eve-               
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