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              [enclosed newspaper clipping]
A NEW COMIC PAPER will shortly be issued
in this city.  DUPE AND COMPANY are the proprie-
tors and publishers; and the editors and contributors are well
known as a gang of chivalrous fellows who prey upon boarding-
house-keepers and washerwomen.  As an indication of the lively
and racy character of the proposed paper, the publishers would
assure the public that no man who has not some fame as a board-
ing-house repudiator, and who cannot substantiate the fact that
he has been chased time and again from one end of the town to
the other by infuriated washerwomen, will ever be permitted to
write a solitary line for their periodical.  In their estimation, it
is essential that all contributors should have had their wits sharp-
ened by this sort of sharp practice before undertaking to write
for a comic paper.  Terms, six old �stumps� (fresh from the
steps of a Broadway hotel) a number; one suit of cast-off cloth-
ing a year�the clothing to be paid in advance, as the writers are
now �seedy.�
  N. B.�No papers furnished to landlords or landladies on account
of old claims; and washerwomans are informed that we keep a
dog behind the door.

[handwritten by Gunn]
N.Y. Tribune               
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