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Text for Page 017 [01-11-1860]

	       Arnold�s Decadence.
ning and stayed there till 11.       Most of the
fellows on �Vanity Fair� are dissatisfied with
young Wood, nor does Bellew believe in its vitality.
Apropos of it, I scissor an advertisement from the
�Tribune,� evidently reflecting on O�Brien and pro-
bably emanating from some swindled creditor.
  12.  Saturday.  A horrible day, atmospherically;
rain, slush, mud, snow, streets insufferable.
Down-town in the afternoon.     Drawing at night.
Cahill drunk during the greater part of the day.
Bob Gun got him some work to do, copying names for
a lottery-owner.    He made $3, and got rid of it, as
stated this day.
  13.  Sunday.  Jack Edwards up to invite Mor-
ris to an extensive tea-fight at Fanny Fern�s, to
night, whither all the family are going.      Cahill
and Shepherd up in my room; the former about
to change his apartment to that next mine.     It
seems that Arnold�s prosperity has developed him
after the usual Bohemian sort.    He is cool to Ca-
hill, says �cruel things� at his expense, �aims to
be smart at the risk� of hurting feelings &c.
These friendships bred out of community of gross
tastes naturally have bastard issues.        Arnold
believes in nothing but the indulgence of his appeti-
tes and thinks to find knowledge as Sampson
did honey in carrion-flesh; affects the Balzac               
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