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Text for Page 018 [01-13-1860]

        Mrs. Bellew on Clapp and O�Brien.
view of life and overrates his abilities
which (if he continue in this course) will hardly
elevate him above the Sunday paper level.
Spends his Saturday nights in a brothel, reports
Cahill, and has breakfast and newspapers served
to him in bed of a morning.            In doors
till 5, then to 16th street, supped with Haney,
saw him off to Fanny�s, then to Bellew�s.
There till 11.    Bellew wasn�t at home on my
calling; sat and talked for half an hour with
Mrs. B and little Allie.     The child dislikes
Frank Wood, won�t go near him.    O�Brien had
recently called.     Mrs. B spoke of the great change
for the worse that has taken place in his man-
ners, since his advent in this country.   Says, too,
that Clapp tries to imitate North, as a con-
versationist.    Mrs. B admired North.    Indeed
he was much more likeable than O�Brien or
Clapp.         The latter�s passion for �Ada Clare�
seems generally known and smiled at.         She,
�Getty Gay� and other Unfortunate Literary Fema-
les go down to Pfaffs with the men, sitting
at the sacred round table, in the cellar &c.
�Ada Clare� sticks out everywhere in the columns
of the �Saturday Press�; she writes articles and the
others praise them.     This week she talks about
�women�s wombs being dragged out of shape by               
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