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Text for Page 019 [01-13-1860]

      Fan�s Tea-Fight.   News from Chacombe.
their dresses� &c!!!                Morris returned
from Fanny�s in a generally beaming state at
11, having passed a very pleasant evening.
Mr. and Mrs Edwards, the three girls, Haney,
Welles and the Thomsons constituted the company.
They talked, supped, had punch, music and
the girls sang a song or two, against their liking.
  14.  Monday.   Out in the afternoon, down
Broadway, dropped into King�s shop, supped
latish at Haney�s, finding �a hop� in progress
on my return in honor of landlady�s birthday.
  15.  Tuesday.   In doors all day.  A letter
from Hannah.  John, her brother, that good,
kind, honest fellow has been unusually ill.   He
went to London with little Gazey, to see the Cattle
show, the exertion upset him, he had to consult a phy-
sician and return home.   Bile, say the doctors.
One evening, he and my dear girl being alone
in the parlor, the others away at Banbury,
he had such an attack of palpitation of the heart
that he thought he was going to die.     How I can
fancy the scene.           The sisters were sent for in
a hurry.    He has revived, is very weak.       Thinks
of joining the Banbury Volunteer Rifle corps.   Wil-
liam Bolton has done so.       He has had another
liver attack; doctors say �the end will be serious.�
He talks of building a house in the spring, at               
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