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Text for Page 020 [01-15-1860]

	       The Bolton Sisters.
the end of �his� garden, opposite the dowry
ground.    (This explains the �right of way� ques-
tion he ventilated long ago.)       Peter Gardiner
(my Canadian acquaintance)and wife are living
at the house formerly occupied by Davids.  P.G.
was one of George Bolton�s marriage �bondsmen.�
His wife, calling upon Sarah Conworth, the
evening before the marriage, heard not a word
respecting it, and George, writing home, does not
mention his wife.      Furthermore he scolds his
sister Sarah Ann �for thinking of G. Gardiner,�
pronouncing him �a deep designing man.�     He
was a crony and �friend� of George, I know, and
they corresponded.    Bah! about the designing; six
of one, half a dozen of �tother.       Gardiner would-
n�t care a straw about little Sarah without tocher,
and she wouldn�t think of him were she not des-
perately hard up for a husband.      Its Bolton
cunning versus Gardner cunning, and the fellow�s
well enough in his way.       I admire George�s esti-
mate of family superiority and belief that his
friend must be influenced by money.        Little
Rosa is accused of tattling Neithrop items to
Charley.        Why, of course she does! doesn�t
my Hannah tell me everything, albeit often con-
science-stricken about it?        Staying at London,
in Oxford Street, little Rosa writes from that               
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