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Text for Page 021 [01-15-1860]

      Cahill�s Expectations.   Fan�s Tea-Fight.
�beastly, dirty city,� as she calls it �Oh Han-
nah!    I could not live here, even for Charley.
I should pine away and die.     One quiet walk
with you is worth,� &c. &c.    No little one, you
don�t love Charley, and if you could look down in-
to your heart you�d find it out.          Hartley would
have done as well, may be better.       If Charley
were dead or out of the way, you�d marry him
in twelvemonths.
  16.  Wednesday.  [Phonography] and writing till 5, then
down-town, passing Sally and Matty, and Fan
and Jim, within a block�s distance.    Met Cahill.
He opines Frank Wood will be civilly shoved out
of the �Vanity Fair� editorial chair and (confi-
dentially) that he Frank Cahill will fill it.  This
from Bellew; probable and a certain change
for the better for Cahill isn�t an ass, save in a
bibulous direction.x    Down and up town together,
Cahill not sober.           To Edwards� in the eve-
ning.   Found the three girls and Nast, the lat-
ter playing draughts � with Sally.     Got an account
of the Sunday nights tea-fight, the girls intimating
and ridiculing Fan.             Nast wasn�t invited;
he�s somehow in disgrace in that quarter.        A
Mr. Star, present at our Christmas doings, came
and Haney, Mr. and Mrs. E. descending, these
with Jack forming the company.        Left at 11
     x Project came to nothing.  Bellew couldn�t accomplish it.               
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