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Text for Page 022 [01-16-1860]

and waked home with Haney.    He has
sunk some $600 or $700 on the �Irving,� fancies
it will cost him $1,000 ere relinquishment.
  17.  Thursday.  [Phonography] and writing till 5, then
out of doors for an hour or so, as far as
Chamber Street.    Evening, writing.
  18.  Friday.   To a dentist�s in Bond Street
to have tooth filled.    It was the house in
which the Burdell murder occurred, and my
operation was performed in the room I remem-
ber as the one where the inquest &c took place.
There till 1 �.      Down-town after dinner, I
meeting Cahill (who dines and lunches off
jokes, selling �em to �Vanity Fair� at 50
cents each) walked to �Courier� Office with
him; went to Liberty street, rejoined Ca-
hill at the �Tribune� Office, where we encoun-
tered Wilbour and anon Clapp (the latter
looking sinister in a felt hat and a red
shawl neckerchief), then, together up-town.
To Dixon�s for �Scalpel�s in the evening.
  19. Saturday.  Writing &c.  Down-town in
the afternoon, P.O. &c.      Drawing at night.
Haney came, supped with us, stayed an hour
or so.
  20.  Sunday.  A spring-day, like those pre-
ceding it.      Out for a walk, called at Oliver               
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