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Text for Page 023 [01-20-1860]

	Death of W. Bezly of Bloxham.
Hillards� unsuccessfully, at Paterson�s, and
at Frank Hillards.        Dined there and stayed
till 4, then out.       Looked in unsuccessfully, for
Haney, then back to Bleecker St.         To Chapin�s
in the evening, church crowded to extremity; had
to stand during the sermon.     To Edwards�, Ha-
ney, Nast and Knudsen present, beside the family.
(I�d seen the second at Church, standing at the
entrance of the pew, which was already full.)  He,
Nast, was sent on to Lawrence, Mass, to sketch
the scene of the Pemberton Mills calamity, and met
Will Waud there, on a like errand, for Frank
Leslie.             Haney had been called on by Jack
at Matty, this afternoon; they all went for a walk
to the Central park.              Morris came anon.
  21.  Monday.  [Phonography], writing &c.  Down-town
in the afternoon, to �Courier� and �Pic� Offices,
returning with Gun.         A letter from home,
from my mother and Rosa.          Items.  Bezly,
of Bloxham, fell from his horse in a fit, lived
a month subsequent, in intense pain, part of his
body mortifying before his death.    Left his wife
the whole of the property during her life, then to
pass to his relatives.         Last time our folks heard
of the Castles, they kept a lodging-house in
the Euston Road, �not very respectable.�   Harry
Price is married.        My father �looks very thin               
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