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Text for Page 024 [01-21-1860]

	    Damoreau�s Doings.
and old, lies in bed the chief part of the
day: God only knows what will be the end
of it.� In answer to Mary Anne�s enquiries
touching ages of herself, father and my mother,
the latter transmits the dates: Samuel Gunn,
born July 1, 1787: Naomi Gunn, Sept. 11, 1795:
Mary Anne Oct. 9, 1809.           Mrs. Bridgman,
mother of Jack, is dead; youngest son in train-
ing for a doctor, daughter keeps a school
and Jack rumored to be �getting on� abroad.
  Found Damoreau in my room.  He has been
in New York for a fortnight, at work at Les-
lie�s again.       Returned to Boston before to wind
up matters; something like a two-penny bank-
ruptcy, �Madam� afraid furniture would be
seized; �of course they couldn�t touch that� quoth
Charley.        I don�t envy him his wife in such
a crisis.        Depreciates Boston, declares he
shall not return to it; that he will import wife
and children hither.    Says Will Waud is very
popular, has �hosts of friends,� &c. and reports
poorly of Alf.       Paints bad pictures in oil,
says Damoreau, looks shabby, must be very
poor, his manners offend everybody &c.     I
think I put down Charles account of his bret-
hren but imperfectly before, and will risk ite-
ration.     Albert in Texas, nothing futher known               
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