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Text for Page 026 [01-21-1860]

of him.   Alfred got married to a woman at
New Orleans, which woman owned a slave.  They
sold slave for $700 or so, went to Cincinnatti,
where his sister Emma lived, spent money
and returned to the south.     Sister is now in
Detroit.      So much for the Browns.   Charley
went off, taking Cahill out with him for beer, &
I scribbled till 11.
  22.  Tuesday.   Out to dentists in the morning;
in doors all the rest of the day, writing, till mid-
night and later.
  23.  Wednesday.   Writing �Courier� article
and chores.     In doors till near 9 P. M., when,
feeling feverish and imprisoned, turned out to
enjoy the snow-storm, into which the dull, broad-
ing day had resolved itself.          Called unsuccess-
fully at Oliver Hillards, then to 16th Street.
Haney out; sat conversing with Mrs. Potter
and Miss Cooper, the latter having returned to
the city from Niagara last week.     Our talk ran,
of course, on Mrs. Theodore Griffin, ex-Gouverneur
and presently Mrs. Potter warmed up into an
account of that lady�s antecedents much more
complete and characteristic than any I have
hitherto obtained; and here it is:
  The woman was born in Manchester, Eng-
land; is now about forty-five years old.               
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