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Text for Page 028 [01-23-1860]

	Mrs. Gill-Gouverneur-Griffin.
then, Gill returned to England, confided the
elder to a sister of his (who took her to Aus-
tralia, where she now is) and, with Rawson,
took ship for California.     He died of fever,
I think, on the passage; it may have been some
subsequent one, for I fancy I�ve heard Rawson
talk of his father�s being in California.       Left
alone in the world, boy Rawson tended store,
waited at taverns, did anything for his living;
hence his mania for Central America generally.
Meantime his mother in New York continued
her bad career.         She eloped with a young
English artist, names, I think, Thompson,
who had persuaded his mother to ruin herself
by mortgaging what property she possessed, all for
the gratification of his strumpet.             The news-
papers had lengthy accounts of the elopement of
�the beautiful Mrs. Gill.�      They went to Ca-
racus, I think, on the isthmus.           There he
took a fever and died, she deserting him
previously.   (This she confessed to Miss Coo-
per, recently, in one of her temporary, two-
penny-ha�penny fits of remorse, which never
result in a grain of reformation; which are
only the rinsings out of the sediment of her sin,
folly and selfishness.)      She returned to
New York, possibly with Rawson, though I               
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