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Text for Page 025 [09-10-1849]

              10. Monday.	Getting together drawings &c in the morning.
To New York in the afternoon, to Longs for letter introductory. Then 
a call at Bobbett and Edmonds, then to Jersey. To New York again
at 1/2 past 4, Joe accompanying to see me off for Philadelphia. Ferry
boat delayed half an hour, in consequence of an influx of passenger from the
Rail.	Arrival at length on the opposite shore, � ran like a man pur-
sued by the devil or a bailiff.	   Steamer not gone, nor did go for
some three quarters of an hour, during which time I sat on the deck
devouring peaches, gazing alternately at Joe on the dock, and the crowd
of Emigrants, Scottish, Irish, German and English, around me. Ceaseless
ringing of bells and swearing.	  Off at last.   Lovely sunset, not a
cloud on the face of the intense blue.	  Staten Island again in all its 
beauty.	    Smoked a couple of cigars or so, then went below. Men sitting
lying, leaning, everywhere.	Organ grinding, nigger dancing.	At 8,
all off the boat and in the Rail � a dreary waiting hour.	Then scream,
jolt, on we go.	  Thus till 1, listening to the �patois� of Irish, dutch
quarrels and querulousness.	Then embarkation again � on a fine
large steamer yclept the �Burlington.� But we did not start until after
a mortal delay of three hours, passed in a most dreary state twixt
sleep and awake.	Below, the place mobbed.	There a bet, till a 
drunken Irishman beginning to vomit sent me on deck, where I lay
down, carpetbag for pillow, mid bales and boxes.	Walked up
and down the latter part of the voyage. Partly in company with an               
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