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Text for Page 033 [01-23-1860]

	    Mrs. G. and Mrs. Potter.
servants included, would follow Mrs.
Griffin�s son into the stable or barn, insomuch
that he complained of it, and objected to speak-
ing to her.           Miss Cooper repeats, again and 
again that �she is a bad woman � a wicked
woman,� but I could not get her to pronounce
on the widow�s practical criminality.    It was
only on my venting my conviction as to Gladdy�s
paternity, that Mrs. Potter was moved to
the above delightful revelations.    She declares
she �hoped she would lead a better life;� she
�wanted to encourage her to it,� &c; hence she
kept silence.      Of course interest had its weight;
for though Mrs. G never pays her debts till
dunned, though she was mean and dishonest
in a thousand small ways � she stole towels
and carried them off to Cold Spring; they
were discovered in her drawers by Mrs. P. �
she wouldn�t pay for the gas she consumed and
Mrs. P. used to turn it off at the meter, leaving
the widow and her visitors in darkness �
though she did these and more, yet her occa-
sional occupancy of rooms, Rawson�s board
&c were desirable items in the debit and credit
account of a not prosperous boarding-housekeeper.
Mrs. G. owes $50 or more for Rawson�s board
now, but having gone security to Mrs. P.�s               
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