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Text for Page 034 [01-23-1860]

	            Mrs. Levison.
landlord puts her in Mrs. P.�s power, hence
the debt is a safe one.            Enough of Mrs.
Theodore Griffin, ex-Gouverneur, ex-Gill,
and to spare.                          Let me chronicle a
side splash of scandalous fact anent another
woman, harder-natured but inherently as, per-
haps more, detestable.    Mrs. Levison used to
meet men at confectionaries, ice-cream saloons, in
her husband�s life-time, would come home from
the opera under convoy of a man she said, even
before Levison, that she loved.     Haney told me
once, that Levison made her return some $100 or
more worth of �jewelry� which had been presented to
her from this �General.�               I think she went to
Philadelphia with him, once.         Apropos of her, she
is �president� or something of the sort, to a �Dorcas�
Society at Chapin�s � I have heard of her as
translating some French play and wanting to
dispose of it; of her doing the gay young widow
and sinking the age of her dead child to baby-
hood.                                            Haney came in
by 11 �, having returned from the theatre,
whither he had gone in company with the girls,
Jack, Nast and Honeywell.
  Last date must, I fancy, be erroneous,
as four days distance from it, I fancy the
detail under its head must have occurred on               
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