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Text for Page 035 [01-26-1860]

	 Ledger a fellow-boarder.
Thursday.       In which case Non Mi
Recordo a to Wednesday.
  27.  Friday.   Over to Hoboken for a snow-
tramp with Morris, extending it to 3 1/2 P.M.
Finished story to send to �All the Year Round�
in the evening.   Ledger (the London detective) re-
turning from Canada, takes up his abode in
this house.      I go down into his room (that
once occupied by the Martins) at 12 and
find Cahill and Bob Gun ridiculously drunk
there.    Ledger had to threaten violence to Cahill,
to be rid of him.
  28.  Saturday.   Work in the morning,
down town in the afternoon, drawing on wood
in the evening.
  29.  Sunday.   Writing.   Damoreau came
by 4.     Left him in Ledger�s room, where
Bob Gun, Billington (both clergymen�s sons)
C Shepherd and Ledger were playing cards,
Cahill looking on.     To Oliver Hillards boar-
ding-house, 15th street, supped there, stayed
with him and others til 8 1/2, then to Edwards�.
Found only Haney and Mrs. E., the girls,
their father, Honeywell and Nast at Chapin�s,
presently returned.       A pretty lively two hours,
individually, I chatting alternately to Matty
and Sally.     Knudsen came and Morris.   Wal-               
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