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Text for Page 036 [01-29-1860]

	        �Tommy� going away.
ked to 16th street with Haney, on leaving.     He
�getting tired of going there,� as he thinks.   Spec-
ulations about Sally.       Haney persists in the con-
viction that little Nast is the accepted one.       I think
he my be retained on rather humiliating terms,
namely pending the possible advent of another.   I�m
pretty well convinced Sally would throw him over,
in that case.
  30.  Monday.  Writing.  Down town in the
afternoon.    Called at Edwards� to return a book
in the evening, stayed half an hour.    Sally, Matty
and Paterfamilias present, the former sewing, the 
second with flushed cheeks sitting over a book, by
the fireside.      I think Sally was a little constrain-
ed in manner; there�s talk of Nast going off
for a year, down south, for the �Illustrated News,�
Frank Leslie�s rival.     She may have to sing
�Partant pour le Syrie.�         To Bellews and
there till 11.
  31.  Tuesday.   In doors, writing all day.
Letters to my mother, to Hannah and matters
pertinent, to story which I send off in my
home letter, for �All the Year Round.�   By
11, Morris, Billington and Cahill made an
irruption into my room, the two latter just from
whist-playing in Ledger�s, and Cahill very
drunk.           Had to keep writing till past 2               
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