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Text for Page 037 [01-31-1860]

	     Rondell the French Artist.
partly in consequence.     Snow, gusty,
stormy night.

  1.  Wednesday.  To Spring St. Post-office.  In
doors till 4, then down town, meeting Cahill
by the way.  To �Courier� Office.   Smith, Briggs,
Abrams, English present.   Up-town.
  2.  Thursday.    Writing �Courier� article
&c.  At 9. P. M. or later to Edwards� in
accordance with a requisition conveyed per Morris,
who had called the other night.           A certain
young Anglo-Frenchman and his sister pre-
sent, Mrs. E. desirous of making the former,
who wants to obtain employment, known to all
of us.     Haney, Nast, Wells and Honeywell
there, a hop in progress.       Sally had been sick
abed yesternight, kept it up bravely this one.
Morris came.      Dubious about Nast�s leaving
New York; Sally hints that it�ll be a good
thing for him if he goes (?)      Left at 12 �.
  3.  Friday.  Down-town to P.O. &c.    Met
Oliver Hillard.   Drawing big Pic cut at night.
Ware the Bostonian came with one Rondell,
an artist �of French birth, English experience
and American residence,� as a letter from               
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