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Text for Page 038 [02-03-1860]

	 A Letter from Alfred Waud.
Alf Waud, of which he is the bearer, describes
him.      He paints landscapes, has lived Bohe-
main fashion in Paris for years, helped build
barricades in 1848, stood sentinel over the pic-
tures at the Louvre or Luxembourg and much
more.    Has no perceptible French accent to his
English, is married, a neighbour of Alf Waud�s
at Boston, projects brining wife and family to
New York, if his fortunes prosper.     Seems a
pleasant fellow.       Morris and Cahill were in
my room, part of the time.        Rondell spoke eulo-
gistically of Alf. Waud�s essays in painting and
reports that Will Waud meditates a visit to
New York in a fortnight.        Here is a digest
of Alf�s account of his own doings and those
of his brother.       �Business still dormant � con-
stant habit of economy � John Andrew �
bloated carcase � infernal mean humbug� (plea-
sant way Alf has, of speaking of people)�going
to New York � Will has about enough to do �
always new clothes � evident what expenditure
he considers of most importance � just snob enough
to suit the Boston people � quietly, self-conceited-
ly snobby � mildly, impressively snobby, of a kind
that never does anything to put its hair out of
array, or crease its pants, or dirty or wear out
its boots and would not be seen out of a silk               
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