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Text for Page 039 [02-03-1860]

	   A Fraternal Portrait.
hat for worlds unless to wear a fur cap
of the fast pattern, indicative of a trotting
horse and Oxford pattern skates. � Did
a good thing when he married, for a man
of lazy proclivities � of the never-do-any-thing-
body-else-to-do-it-for-you-school. � Keeps
up a sort of aristocratic mystery about his
family� (!!!)��impresses his new relatives
by his style � wouldn�t dare to ask him to 
chop a stick of wood &c., for fear of encoun-
tering his dignity � suspect the expenses of
living have been drawn very mild to his poc-
ket from the time when it might have been
offered as an inducement for him to honor
the family by his alliance, and as a sort of off-
set against the big brother � Don�t tell Da-
moreau � I see Will�s little game. � Mary
improving � boy, a month old � Mrs. Jewell
and Sexton in the house � Mrs. Wall board-
ing in Boston, having tired of the wilds of
Chelsea � not answered last two letters.�
Which is about all.  With Damoreau�s tes-
timony on �t�other side, I can judge how �tis
with the brothers.      Withal Alf is worth ten of
Will and always was.            The one never seduced
an ignorant girl and then sneakingly and self-               
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