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Text for Page 046 [02-07-1860]

	     W. Leslie married.
town in the afternoon, to the P.O. and
Courier Office.     Writing, [phongraphy] and chores till
11.       Shepherd here a good deal; tonight
in Ledger�s room, with the others.
  8.  Wednesday.  Down-town with nedditorial
for �Courier� � if they�ll take it.      To Haney�s
Office, found Cahill there.          To W. Leslie�s.
Have I yet put down that my tall Scotch
friend has got married? has removed from
Mrs. Potters, done his nuptial jaunt to Wash-
ington, &c. and is now resident at a boarding-
house in 28th street?         Well, such is the case.
Mrs. Leslie was a Miss Marion Digby, born
in Canada, at Brantford, he says.       He invites
me to visit him.      He paid $18 a week, for
two rooms, he says, �cheap�!!         Writing
and chores during the afternoon.    To Haney�s
in the evening, staying till midnight, talking
of various matters.    He wishing he could sell
out his various publications, and go to Europe
for three years.       One day in the early part
of this week he visited Jim�s, Jack Edwards
going with him.    Fanny talked smut in stage
whispers about a newly-published French novel,
of which she had been reading the translation.
On another evening Haney went with Matty
and Eliza to invite the enemy to a coming Fri-               
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