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Text for Page 047 [02-08-1860]

	Fanny Fern�s Dodges.     Lotty.
day�s night�s celebration of several birthdays.
(They want Jim, and as at Christmas, can
have him without incumbrances.)  The girls were
not asked to take off their bonnets.       Clif. Thom-
son was expected.     Not unlikely that Mort may
make him marry Nelly; hence Fanny might
object to exposing him to counter-attraction, in
the shape of the Edwards� girls.      She burked a
projected party, wherein Mort would have met
them, about a year ago, in Brooklyn, and her
object bothered us at the time.     We � Haney, Ca-
hill and I � went over there and the evening wore
on, we expectant of the girls and nothing but
some excuse coming of it.       Clif. will have a 
jolly time of it, if he can marry Nelly!    If ever ^|girl|
had the concentrated essence of her mother in her,
that girl has.           Fanny�s father and mother
lived unhappily together � separated.
  9.  Thursday.  Writing, drawing and chores.
Not well.     Turned out by 4 and going
down Broadway, crowded and sunny, met
Lotty.      She was walking with a companion
of her own sex and addressed me.       Said she
was living at Fordham, rented a house, and
asked me to come and see her.    Cui bono?  She
looked very handsome with a splendor of brown
light in her eyes; was handsomely dressed.               
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