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Text for Page 048 [02-09-1860]

	      A �Party� at 745.
Granville is with her yet.             Further
on, I encountered Mrs. Wall.     Her husband
joined her in Boston; they have now been in
New York a week; are boarding in Clinton
Place.           In doors all the evening.    A
bath,  out of sorts, ill.      Morris and Cahill
in awhile.     Couldn�t sleep.    A blustrous,
stormy, dreary night.
  10.  Friday.  Down-town by noon, to �Cou-
rier� Office, editorial accepted.   �Nic-nax� of-
fice.        Up-ton by 4th Avenue rail; to Bel-
lew�s.         Note from Mattie, inviting me to
to-night�s celebration.    Damoreau came in the
evening, says that W. Waud is about to visit
New York in the coming week.     Left him in
Ledger�s room and at 9 or later went off to
Edwards�.      Haney, Parton, Knudsen, Welles,
Nast, Honeywell, two Browns� (brothers to pretty
Miss B.) the young Anglo-Frenchman, and
maybe one or two others, constituted the male
guests, the female, Mrs. Thomson, Miss Brown
and the sister to the aforesaid Anglo-French-
man.       Fanny and her daughters didn�t show,
she had sent one of her headaches as an excuse.
Maybe Mrs. Thomson came to watch the procee-
dings of the enemy.      Dancing, singing, sup-
per, toasts &c.            Morris came in at mid-               
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